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SPPStandard Parallel Port
SPPSuper Poke Pets (game)
SPPSecurity and Prosperity Partnership (of North America)
SPPSouthwest Power Pool
SPPSecurity and Prosperity Partnership of North America (continental cooperation agreement)
SPPSerial Port Profile (Bluetooth protocol stack)
SPPSchool of Public Policy
SPPScottish Planning Policy (UK)
SPPSequenced Packet Protocol
SPPSphingosine 1-Phosphate
SPPSociété Psychanalytique de Paris
SPPSpecific Purpose Payments
SPPSapeur-Pompier Professionnel (French: Professional Firefighter)
SPPSingapore People's Party
SPPScreening Partnership Program (Transportation Security Administration, DHS)
SPPState Partnership Program
SPPSmall Power Producer
SPPSouthern Pacific Petroleum
SPPSolar Power Plant
SPPSeller Protection Policy (PayPal)
SPPSurface Plasmon Polariton
SPPSociety for Pediatric Pathology
SPPSindicato de Periodistas del Paraguay (Spanish: Union of Journalists of Paraguay)
SPPSoftware Project Planning
SPPScience Power Platform
SPPSpace Policy Project
SPPSecurity Policies and Procedures
SPPSeagate Partner Program (hardware business-enhancement partnership)
SPPStandardized Patient Program
SPPService Public de Programmation (Belgium)
SPPSimple Payback Period
SPPShared Path Protection
SPPSuruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pendidikan (Education Service Commission, Malaysia)
SPPService de Physique des Particules (French: Particle Physics Department; French Atomic Energy Commissioner)
SPPSolution Provider Program
SPPSpecial Purpose Payments (Australia)
SPPSolid Performance Program (computes performance of solid propellant rocket motors)
SPPStandard Practice Procedure
SPPServiciul de Protectie si Paza (Romanian: Protection and Protocol Service)
SPPSpatial Point Process
SPPSurplus Peoples Project (South Africa)
SPPStromal Processing Peptidase (cleavage of transit peptide)
SPPSupreme People's Procuracy
SPPSoftware Protection Program
SPPScalable Parallel Processors
SPPSpecial Purpose Pistol
SPPSimplified Pension Plan
SPPSecrétariat Permanent à la Politique de Prévention (French: Permanent Secretariat for Prevention Policy; crime prevention initiative; Belgium)
SPPSponsor Program Proposal
SPPStructural Plate Pipe (civil engineering)
SPPSuprapubic Prostatectomy
SPPSociété de Peinture et Papier Peint (French: Painting and Wallpaper Company)
SPPSindawonye Progressive Party
SPPSound Powered Phone
SPPStand Pipe Pressure (drilling industry)
SPPStarter Pack Programme
SPPStationary Phase Point
SPPSpending Per Person
SPPSaint-Paul Position (French speed skating club)
SPPSpeed-Power Product (electronics)
SPPStorage Photostimulable Phosphor
SPPSite Preparation Plan
SPPSpecial Populations Program
SPPSpace Packet Protocol
SPPSensor Performance Prediction
SPPStanislaus Professional Photographers
SPPSolar Pumped Plasma
SPPSingle Process Purge
SPPSyndicat des Professionnells et Professionels (Canada; union)
SPPSystem Package Program
SPPSociété Poitevine de Peinture (French: Poitevine Painting Company)
SPPService Personnel Plan (UK MoD)
SPPShock Proof Processor
SPPScenario Preparation Program
SPPSensor Power Panel
SPPSingle Parenting Payment
SPPSoftware Process Program
SPPSystems Programs and Projects
SPPSoftware Portability Plan
SPPStarting Pay on Promotion
SPPSimple, Pratique et Performante (French: Simple, Practical and Efficient; model airplane design)
SPPStrategy Program Planning
SPPSubsystem Project Plan
SPPStudent Preparation Period (education)
SPPService Provider Proxy (Sprint)
SPPSubproject Program Plan
SPPStandard Process Procedure
SPPSponsor Program Priority Proposal/Plan
SPPSite Personnel Protection
SPPStedelijk Preventie Programma (Belgium)
SPPSpecial Product Position
SPPShared Producer's Program
SPPSystem Parameter Port
SPPSpippolatori Group
SPPSlayer Pro Productions (website)
SPPStrategy, Plans & Programs (US DoD)
SPPStrategic Partner Program
SPPStatistical Post-Processing
SPPShop Partner Program (ABC Group Holland)
SPPStock Purchase Plan
SPPStatutory Paternity Pay (UK)
SPPStrategic Planning Process (DoD)
SPPSystem Performance Parameter
SPPScottish Power PLC (UK)
SPPSeminal Plasma Protein
SPPSold Pending Payment
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In the absence of SPP scores this year for most schools with grades kindergarten through 8, PSSA achievement scores will not be part of the evaluations of teachers and principals in these schools.
GLOCK's support of the SPP is a key element to building a foundation from which to grow all action pistol sports.
SPP also provides a Corporate Training & Professional Development Team to help employees map out their careers, even deciding whether they want to pursue a supervisory path.
The SPP General Standard states: "All buyers must commit to purchasing at least 5 percent of the total value of their purchases of all the products for which there are Small Producers' Organizations certified under the SPP, by the end of the second year of registration.
The launch of the consolidated marketplace enables SPP to decide which generating units should operate the next day for maximum cost-efficiency.
In accordance with the SPP timetable, the SPP shares will be allotted on Friday 1 November 2013 and holding statements will be issued on Monday 4 November 2013.
SPP Machine Tech was established in 1988 as an affiliate of SPP Group, a major shipbuilding and marine machinery company in Korea.
Kaplan wants to make strategic and performance planning integral to the Department's management culture, and he views SPP as the prime mover in this effort.
The simulation federation now running on the SPP can also simulate structures and obstacles which can be found on urban warfighting landscapes such as underground tunnels, roadside explosives, concertina wire, sand bags and metal barriers called "dragon's teeth" to name a few.
SPP has become the industry leader and provider of pharmacy services to correctional facilities.
In addition to providing a practical guide to security operations, a company's SPP should be a clear reflection of security priorities and management standards.