SPPBShort Physical Performance Battery
SPPBStatens Psykologisk Pedagogiska Bibliotek (Swedish: State Psychological-Pedagogical Library; 1885-2003)
SPPBSpeech Perception Production Bilingualism (University of Barcelona; Spain)
SPPBStrategic Policy and Planning Branch (Canada)
SPPBScottish Parliament Passage of Bills (law publication; Scotland, UK)
SPPBShanghai Press and Publication Bureau
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En el grupo domiciliario podemos observar que el valor minimo de la prueba SPPB pasa de 8 puntos a 11 puntos.
VARIABLES Hemodialisis Domicilio n SPPB (0-12 puntos) Pre Mediana(Min-Max) 11 (10-12) 10 (8-12) Post Mediana (Min-Max) 11,5 (11-12) 11 (11-12) 7 Equilibrio Monopodal (45 segundos) Pre Mediana(Min-Max) 5.
A forca muscular do quadriceps (DIM: p = 0,014; DO: p = 0,039) e pontuacao de SPPB (DIM: p = 0,02; DO: p = 0,039) aumentaram em ambos os grupos, entretanto, a pontuacao de equilibrio do SPPB aumentou apenas no DIM (p = 0,022).
Veterans with PTSD performed significantly worse on the SPPB and grip strength tests than those without PTSD.
7 points lower (worse) on the SPPB than their counterparts without PTSD.
Table 1 Physical Functioning in Older Oatients (65 Years or Older) with CKD Variable CKD Stage 3 CKD Stage 4 (Mean (n = 18) (n = 12) [+ or -] SD) Average 6677 [+ or -] 4574 * 4581 [+ or -] 5306 Number of Steps/Day * SPPB Total 8.
Although the SPPB is an objective measure of physical performance less influenced by culture, education and language levels than the self-reported measures of function and disability, there is a need to assess their validity and reliability among several populations before adopting its widespread use in everyday practice.
After one year of follow-up, the SPPB score was significantly higher in the PA group compared to the SA group.
Participants completed both the PFS and the SPPB before and after the exercise intervention, and comparisons of the scores were evaluated using the t-test.
Detailed instructions for the SPPB are listed in Appendix 1 and a sample score sheet is given in Appendix 2.