SPQSingle Player Quake
SPQSpool File by Output Queue
SPQSeller Property Questionnaire (real estate)
SPQSpecialist, Communications Specialist (US Navy)
SPQSweet Potato Queen (Sweet Potato Queen's Book of Love; Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade; Jackson, MS)
SPQSocial Psychology Quarterly
SPQSociété Parkinson du Québec (French: Parkinson Society of Quebec; Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
SPQSchizotypal Personality Questionnaire
SPQSyndicalistes et Progressistes pour un Québec libre (French)
SPQStrict Priority Queuing
SPQSingle Persons Quarters (housing)
SPQSociété de Paléontologie du Québec (French: Quebec Paleontology Society; Canada)
SPQStandard Pack Quantity
SPQShorter PROMIS Questionnaire
SPQSociété Philosophique de Québec (French: Quebec Philosophical Society; Canada)
SPQSyndicat des Pompiers du Québec (French: Quebec Firefighters' Union; Canada)
SPQStudent-Parent Questionnaire
SPQSpecial Pricing Quotation
SPQSequence Pre-Fetch Queue
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Identification of cognitive styles: All participants of the three groups were requested to fill out the SPQ.
Second, participants completed an adapted SPQ task (Takahashi, Ikeda, & Hasegawa, 2007).
Prior to combining the two results of the two sessions, the difference between the two cohorts was assessed based on the scale SPQ scores.
In order to compare the 3 groups by means of age, education, and SPQ scores, 1-way ANOVA tests were used.
Schizotypy factors: Schizotypy responses on the nine SPQ subscales controlled for gender were factor-analyzed in SPSS using maximum likelihood extraction with direct oblimin rotation (Kaiser, 1958).
Abraham (2006) modified the items in both the 30-item CEQ (Ramsden 1991) and the SPQ (Biggs 1987) to refer to a subject in the course and collected data from the students.
SPQ parameter applied to the evaluation of different hardness steels wear (medium-carbon 45 and tool steels XB[GAMMA]) affected by abrasive wear [4].
Their content analysis reviewed articles that appeared in JSP, PITS, SPQ, SPR, and School Psychology International (SPI) from 1995 to 2005, as well as journals from professional counseling, special education, and speech-language to determine the extent to which issues related to ELL students are covered across professions, and to compare how school psychology stands in comparison to the other student-service professions.
We administered the CREA to measure creativity and the SPQ to evaluate personality.
Vollema and Postma (26) concluded that the positive dimensions assessed on the SPQ reflect genetic vulnerability to schizophrenia, while Calkins et al (27) found that social-interpersonal deficits were best at differentiating relatives from controls.
SPQ was administered in one single session and in class context, during May and June, 2010, in several schools in the region of Madeira, Portugal.