SPREdSociety of Picture Researchers and Editors (UK)
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O alienate from God, O spirit accurst, Forsak'n of all good; I see thy fall Determind, and thy hapless crew involv'd In this perfidious fraud, contagion spred Both of thy crime and punishment: henceforth No more be troubl'd how to quit the yoke Of Gods MESSIAH; those indulgent Laws Will not be now voutsaf't, other Decrees Against thee are gon forth without recall; That Golden Scepter which thou didst reject Is now an Iron Rod to bruise and breake Thy disobedience.
Segun esta propuesta, en espanol podemos representar el cuadro del Conde Duque a Caballo como en (49), donde SPred es Sintagma Predicativo (Bowers 1993; vease Baker 2002 para pruebas morfosintacticas de la presencia de este nucleo cuando se usan como predicados las categorias no verbales):
He was spat at by his own newcastle public for omitting Keegan to face the Danes in 1982 and was spred with beer after England lost to Russia in 1984.
Sources inside the camp said the BDR jawans shut down the main entrance of the outpost at about 11:00am as the news of the mutiny at their headquarters spred everywhere.
46) Donne's poem queries the validity of such a claim: "Where are those spred woods which cloth'd heretofore / those bought lands?
En el ecuador y bajas latitudes se presenta el fenomeno denominado "dispersion de la region F" (Equatorial Spred F - eSf, en ingles).
If tyrants will, vsurpt authoritie Must be obey'd, what reuerence me behoued To giue this king, this tyrants enemie, Feared for loue, and for his virtues loued, Whose honours ensigne o're the world had spred him, In warres, and peace, if church men had not led him.
The epicentres of the set of events located by the PATNET are spred over a slightly larger area than the epicentres from the CRLNET (about 10 by 10 km horizontally), but the depths differs significantly, with the extend from 1 up to 20 km.
They spred around the Muslim Estate at the time, streching from Portugal to West China, and came back to him with most of the mony saying that no one wants to take the money because there is no poor people at all.
They have a special program called SPRED that supports the spiritual and social needs of the developmentally handicapped.
Full-back Lee Davies Jnr got himself in the right place when a Caernarfon three quarter move broke down in midfield, and spred to the line without a hand laid on him.
5 -- color) no caption (butter spred on cooked corn)