SPVASuper Patterned Vertical Alignment
SPVAService Personnel and Veterans Agency (UK)
SPVASuper Patterned Vertical Alignment (liquid crystal display technology)
SPVASpecial Purpose Vehicle Act of 2002 (Philippines)
SPVASingle Premium Variable Annuity
SPVASparsely Populated Volumetric Array
SPVASingle-Polarized Vivaldi Antenna
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Craig's MP Mike Weir said: "The delays by the SPVA in dealing with his case are simply unacceptable.
Fyfe's fraud was uncovered in 2009 when an anonymous caller to the SPVA alleged Fyfe was not as disabled as he claimed.
SPVA implementation improved bank asset quality and reduced the system's problem assets to manageable levels.
After the first SPVA law expired, the BSP pushed for its extension to give banks more time to dispose of their non-performing assets.
Anyone with any information can call Kristella Eastwood on 01452 712612 ext 6082 or write to Deceased Estates, SPVA, JCCC, Room 43b, Building 182, RAF Innsworth, Gloucester, GL3 1HW.
The recommended guidelines by our Lifestyle of a Secure Payment Device Technical Working Group are designed to meet the security objectives of confidentiality, integrity, accountability, authenticity and non-repudiation," said Steven Hughes, SPVA president.
Since its launch in April 2009, SPVA has experienced rapid growth with prominent industry leaders joining, including Atos Worldline, Heartland Payment Systems, Chase Paymentech, Radiant Systems, Inc.
We collaborated with other businesses in the transaction-processing industry and participated in data security organizations such as PCI SSC and SPVA.