SPWPSpecial Public Works Programme
SPWPSecondary Processed Wood Products
SPWPSociety of Professional Women in Petroleum
SPWPStatistical Policy Working Paper
SPWPSouthcentral Pennsylvania Writing Project
SPWPSouth Pasadena Water Polo
SPWPSocialist Party of the Working People (founded in 1991)
SPWPSecond Public Works Project
SPWPSparse-Partial Wavelength Path
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Shorn of its more conservative members, the SPWP will probably move into a clear orbit with the Party of Labour (Kagarlitsky, Buzgalin) and some feminist, environmentalist and trade union types who look more like the broad Left in Canada.
The decision of the SPWP main leaders -- Medvedev, Sklyar, Vartazarova -- to remain outside of it and build their own socialist party will probably have the short-term effect of strengthening the RCP's hard-line cast.
Speaking of the SPWP, we consider ourselves to be on the left.