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SQ1Space Quest 1 (Sierra game)
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SQ1 is based in Dallas, TX and Portland, OR, with other offices in Houston, TX and Newport Beach, CA.
The SQ1 Steam Quality Test Kit allows valid test results to be obtained for the full range of conditions likely to be encountered in steam supplies.
It also will manufacture M2's SQ1, touted as the world's smallest CD/DVD and CD-ROM finishing machine, and other systems.
where A(L) and [alpha](L) are polynomials in the lag operator, L; [delta] denotes the difference operator; (m - p) is real M3 balances; y is real GDP; p is the GDP deflator; i is the interest rate on public bonds (a proxy for the opportunity cost of holding M3 balances); (w - p) is real net financial wealth of households; and SQ1, SQ2, and SQ3 are seasonal dummies that take the value of 1 in the quarter indicated and 0 elsewhere.
The results of the correlations analysis in Table 1 demonstrate that discriminant validity is apparent between the service quality and consumer satisfaction constructs if the variables SAT4 and SQ1 are deleted from subsequent analysis (c.
Both procedures consider chemical, physical, and biochemical variables (simple SQI, SSQ1) or microbiological variables (complex SQ1, CSQI).
MOODY's INVESTORS SERVICE, NEW YORK, has downgraded Salt Lake City--based Fairbanks Capital Corporation's ratings for primary servicer of residential subprime mortgage loans and for special servicer from SQ1 (strong) to SQ4 (below average).
C-BASS, recognized as the pre-eminent servicer of credit sensitive residential mortgages, today announced that Moody's Investors Service has affirmed the rating of SQ1 to its servicing subsidiary, Litton Loan Servicing LP's ("Litton").
a rating of SQ1 as a Master Servicer of residential mortgage loans.
The rating is Moody's highest servicer quality ranking in a range of SQ1 to SQ5.
The servicer quality (SQ) ratings will be assigned on a scale ranging from SQ1 (highest quality) to SQ5 (lowest quality), and are applicable to servicers across the servicing spectrum.