SQ5Space Quest 5 (Sierra game)
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The second generation Audi SQ5 is petrol powered, boasting a new turbocharged V6, 354ps TFSI engine which pushes this SUV effortlessly from standstill to 62 miles per hour in just 5.
Nor must anyone part with nearly $66,000 for something as nice as this week's 2018 Audi SQ5 3.
The new Q5 and SQ5 represent a significant update on their predecessors both inside and out with a number of new and improved features designed to cement them as segment leaders.
In reality this car is a spruced-up performance version of the latest Q5 and the SQ5 will appeal to those drivers demanding more in road-going performance along with all the associated engineering and technical extras that Audi's Q range always conjures up.
0-litre SQ5 Plus is a twinturbo diesel that packs a mighty punch.
2% after 18 months for SQ3 and SQ5, and thereafter remained relatively constant.
The SQ5 Plus comes on 21in gloss black alloys as standard plus there's gloss black on other bits of the car, including its diffuser, door handles and mirror housing.
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The newly launched RS Q3 and its sister car the SQ5 still offer the practicalities demanded by an SUV buyer but in addition boast the sort of adrenaline pumping performance normally associated with sports cars and sporting saloons.
assessment scale ranges from SQ1 (strong) to SQ5 (weak).
It's the new SQ5 AUDI SQ5 - and a techno tour de force with serious attitude and sensible economy Audi has already enjoyed huge success with the Q5 mid-size SUV and this high-performance flagship version raises the bar - considerably.