SQHScottish Qualification for Headship (education)
SQHSmall Quantity Handler (various organizations)
SQHSquare Head
SQHSociété Québécoise d'Hypnose (French: Quebec Hypnosis Society; Canada)
SQHSun Quality Health (Cambodia)
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He confirmed that most of the health centres in the governorates of the Sultanate have outpatient services for mental health and psychologists, adding that the mental health department at SQH contains 11-beds and in-patient ward equipped with all required means and services, while the number of doctors rose to 7.
SQH will be developing and managing the project through its fully owned subsidiary, Syrian-Qatari Healthcare.
SQH chairman Nasser Hassan Al-Ansari signed the deal with Dr Ammar Hemaidan, general manager of SAMC and Dr Akram Kholoki, vice chairman of the Board of directors of SAMC at a ceremony in Damascus on Monday.
This agreement follows up on a MoU signed by SQH and SAMC in May last year, which had defined the framework to carry out the necessary feasibility studies of the project and to draw the final outlines of the future medical center.
That will bring significant benefit to the Syrian population, and will encourage patients from across the Middle East to come to Syria for treatment," said Hassan Mukayed, chief executive officer of SQH.
This partnership with the Ministry of Housing and Construction contributes to answering the country's need for clean water for industrial and agricultural use," said Hassan Mukayed, CEO of SQH.
SQH is currently considering a few potential strategic regional and global companies to partner with for executing the project, said a statement.
Contract Notice: Investment programme framework 2015-19 to upgrade existing housing stock to meet SQH standards.
Rashid al-Abri from SQH Hospital, the second entitled Impact of leadership and what it means, which was presented by Prof.
Women's Satisfaction with the Current State of Our Maternity Services in SQH
The patients who presented or were referred to SQH, Salalah, and required admission, were admitted and quarantined in a separate ward.