SRDPStandard Reference Data Program
SRDPSelf-Referral Disclosure Protocol (healthcare)
SRDPScottish Rural Development Plan
SRDPState Registered Domestic Partners (California)
SRDPShort Run Digital Printing
SRDPSeybold Report on Desktop Publishing (Gilbertsville, PA)
SRDPSelf-Reliant Defense Posture (Armed Forces of the Philippines)
SRDPSind Rural Development Project (Pakistan)
SRDPSouth Run District Park (Springfield, VA)
SRDPSpecial Recon Drop Platoon (gaming clan)
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As of July 2011, only seventy providers had taken advantage of the SRDP.
The fact that providers are, by and large, not choosing to self-disclose Stark violations to CMS, despite the enormous penalties for nondisclosure, (20) should cause CMS to rethink the current SRDP.
Namely, the SRDP for a film can be characterized by
i] is the dimensionless local film interface geometry factor to characterize the local SRDP (LSRDP) for film i, and OFIG[F.
A computer program was written to search for SRDP numbers, and the following sequence was found.
Conjecture: There are infinitely many SRDP numbers.
CMS's position on the SRDP seems to be that since the law requires self-disclosure, the agency does not need the "honey" of positive incentives to self-disclose.
The SRDP states that while CMS is not obligated to reduce any amounts owed as a result of a Stark violation, it will consider doing so based on the facts and circumstances of each actual or potential violation disclosed.
NIST and SRDP are taking advantage of the Internet and the World Wide Web to maximize the accessibility of its data collections.
All these activities are all part of the goal of SRDP to make all NIST data Web accessible.
However, for this scheme to deliver true success additional funds must be secured for the duration of the SRDP scheme to allow future businesses to similarly benefit from opportunities as they arise.