SRVAWSpecial Rapporteur on Violence Against Women
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170) The SRVAW can also try to secure protection for a victim.
Over the past twenty years, the SRVAW has issued a variety of
protections for domestic violence victims, the SRVAW has called for more
195) The SRVAW points out that all of the EU-M States are
due to their illegal status, the SRVAW notes the urgent need to support
example, the SRVAW recognizes that the state has adopted legislation
198) The SRVAW also charges that the real nature of
comparison, in the creation of special protections, the SRVAW points out
27, 2003) (by Radhika Coomaraswamy) [hereinafter Coomaraswamy Report] (these three represent the types of reports that the SRVAW produces).
The SRVAW states that the impact of restrictive immigration policies is especially burdensome on women whose immigration residency may be dependent upon that of their husbands.