SS-SMIISource Synchronous Serial Media Independent Interface
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Highest Density and Performance The pin-compatible Fx100100-5 and Fx10050-5 CO/RT chipsets consist of: -- An 8-port Burst Mode Engine (BME) with all relevant interfaces (RMII, SMII, SS-SMII, POS-PHY-L2 and POS-PHY-L3) for interworking with cost- effective 10/100 Ethernet switch chips or high-performance network processors, allowing system vendors to maintain their current architecture and minimize development costs and time to market; -- A 4-port Analog Front End (AFE) with high-performance, low-power, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters; -- A 4-port Integrated Front End (IFE) with on-chip filters and amplifiers for enhanced performance and long range operation; and -- A 2-port line driver with integrated adaptive hybrid that supports all transmit power requirements (11.
Fully hardened for extended temperature range operation,, the VDSL5100 features industry standard SMII, SS-SMII, and RMII interfaces and MII as per 802.