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SS7Signaling System 7 (telephony protocol)
SS7Super Socket 7 (processor socket type)
SS7Signaling System Seven
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The VOIP service provider captures and analyzes SS7 Message Signal Units and Link Status Signal Units in real-time and records entire traffic or filtered traffic into a trace file that is configured to backup automatically each 24 hour period.
GENBAND's C2 Signaling Controller is a powerful new, IMS compliant product featuring market-leading SIP to SS7 and media gateway control capabilities -- packaged in a highly redundant, NEBS-3 platform.
As carriers bridge legacy SS7 networks to next generation networks and deploy IP enabled, next generation services to their customers, operators need solutions that will increase bandwidth efficiencies, while maintaining carrier-grade reliability," said Tony Jeffs, director of marketing, Mobile Wireless Group, Cisco Systems.
The iNAV 9400 supports low-speed, high-speed and ATM line interfaces together with a broad set of protocol variants including ANSI, ITU-T, ETSI, TTC-Japan, NTT-Japan and China for SS7 protocols.
All customers developing SS7 nodes or with an installed base of SS7 nodes in their networks can benefit from this new Trillium+plus offering," said Garrett Choi, general manager of Continuous Computing's Trillium business unit.
With Blueslice as a pioneering user, Teleglobe is able to accelerate its implementation of an open-standard SS7 over IP signaling capability in its network.
While a 60 to 90-day transition period is anticipated, TNS will immediately begin to assume management control of ICG's SS7 customer base and signaling network assets.
com) of Grimstad, Norway, announce an agreement to use Sangoma's PCI WAN cards to support the SS7 telephony interfaces in their product offerings.