SSFRSolar Spectral Flux Radiometer
SSFRSkills Support for Redundancy (UK)
SSFRServo Sampling Frequency Ratio
SSFRShortest Shift-Full-Rank (computer engineering)
SSFRStimulated Saliva Flow Rate
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pdf) SSA Single-scattering albedo SSFR Solar spectral flux radiometer (#12 A-EXT) 4STAR Spectrometer for Sky-Scanning, Sun-Tracking Atmospheric Research (#12 A-EXT) TSI-LAS TSI Inc.
Thus, the idea that Estonia would want to reclaim all the territories that Stalin "corrected" in favour of the Russian SSFR was immediately rejected by the Kremlin (Malksoo, 2005).
Qureshi and his research partners applied these results to another investigation that evaluated the effectiveness of producing butanol from corn stover in an SSFR process that used vacuum technology--not gas stripping--to simultaneously recover butanol during fermentation.
Subjects responding affirmatively to one or more questions from the questionnaire were classified as patients with subjective xerostomia; this data was correlated with the SSFR.
Statistically significant association was found with low SSFR (OR 2.
02 (1) CPITN = Community periodontal index of treatment needs; (2) SSFR = Stimulated salivary flow rate Table 3.
Data from sialometry revealed that patients in the PA group obtained higher mean RSFR and SSFR values than individuals in the CT group (p < 0.
Subjects were asked not to eat or drink for 1 1/2-2 h before the examination, which began with the determination of USFR, after which SSFR was measured [8].
Furthermore, the SSFR was significantly reduced in patients showing the following symptoms of oral dryness: frequent dry mouth (P [is less than] 0.
2011) and flight-level spectral albedo measured by SSFR.
Parameters Instrument Manufacturer (mentor) Broadband SW Pyranometer Kipp & Zonen, radiative flux, modified CM22 (NRL upwelling and BBR suite) downwelling Broadband LW Pyrgeometer Kipp & Zonen, radiative flux, modified CG4 (NRL upwelling and BBR) downwelling Global, direct, and Sunshine pyranometer Delta-T Devices SPN- diffuse SW radiative I (NRL BBR) flux, downwelling Spectral SW radiance, 4STAR (NASA Ames Research downwelling Center) Spectral SW SSFR (University of irradiance, upwelling Colorado Boulder) and downwelling Cloud and surface Pyrometer Heitronics KT-19.
SSFRs are a group of volunteer Community First Responders (CFRs) that respond to emergencies on behalf of West Midlands Ambulance Service, prior to the arrival of an ambulance.