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SSIDService Set Identifier (802.11b)
SSIDService Set Identifier
SSIDSite Spill Identifier
SSIDSubsystem Identifier
SSIDSupplemental Security Income Display
SSIDService Set Identification (IEEE 802.11 wireless networks)
SSIDStatewide Student Identifier (California)
SSIDSecure Set Identifier (32-character unique identifier)
SSIDSolid State Interdiffusion
SSIDSocial Science Information and Documentation (Helsinki)
SSIDSigns, Symptoms and Ill-Defined (medical conditions)
SSIDStandard Simulation Interface Design
SSIDSave Set Identifier
SSIDSupplemental Structural Integrity Document (Canadian Airworthiness Manual)
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The control software is a comprehensive, integrated solution that allows you to configure and manage your access points, SSIDs and wireless IDs, set up users, define access controls, and manage guest access.
Mac users: You can also "force-join" an SSID that has stopped broadcasting through a Mac's Airport Utility.
You can select to have your computer automatically connect to this network, so you won't have to enter the SSID, passphrase and other information every time you connect to the Internet.
New devices can be added to your network, but it's critical you remember what you named your SSID so you can find it again.
Disable SSID broadcast--this broadcasts your network's name every few seconds.
WAP 3205 can allow different groups of users to access different networks through the multiple SSID support which increases the flexibility and efficiency of the network infrastructure.
An integrated wireless sniffer now displays all available wireless networks complete with channel numbers, MAC-addresses, SSID, speed, load and encryption parameters and can attempt to connect to any available network and initiate a password recovery attack.
A year later, when our mobile team started a project to collect basic WiFi network data like SSID information and MAC addresses using Google's Street View cars, they included that code in their software-- although the project leaders did not want, and had no intention of using, payload data.
After choosing a secure name, hide the broadcast of its name, also known as its SSID (service set identifier).
Key Findings: From baseline to day 5, the mean SSID improved by 14.
For Wi-Fi use at home, Duchene said, many people are unaware that some routers' SSID numbers and passwords are preset to a standard setting.
The WEJ-11g receives power and data from a standard PoE injector, supports a single SSID, features a single R J-45 jack for direct wired access, and uses the IEEE standard 802.