SSKJSlovar Slovenskega Knjižnega Jezika (standard Slovenian dictionary)
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Therefore, the pronunciation of lexemes has been derived automatically for the SSKJ and SSKJ inflected word lists (about 2,500 entries, mainly words of foreign origin that do not obey the general Slovenian pronunciation rules, have been manually transcribed), and semi-automatically for the remaining part of the word list.
A closer examination of the mismatches revealed that the majority of the errors could be attributed to inconsistencies in manual labelling during the preparation of the original SSKJ.
In SI-PRON, unless marked otherwise, the default pronunciation is the first pronunciation from SSKJ.
However, sometimes several pronunciation variations in SSKJ are (almost) equally preferred, whereas the actual preferred pronunciation for the TTS engine may depend on the application.
Example: For Slovenian male nouns, ending with a consonant followed by "ilec", SSKJ often provides one of the following single or multiple pronunciations of the "ilc" sequence within the genitive form of the noun: [iUts]/[ilts], [ilts]/[iUts], [ilts], or [iUts]; examples would be Slovenian words "nosilca", "krotilca", "darovalca", etc.
Whenever there are two pronunciation variations in SSKJ they typically account for an overarticulated (e.