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SSLSecure Sockets Layer (Netscape; web security protocol)
SSLSolid-State Lighting
SSLSolid State Logic
SSLStainless Steel
SSLStudent Service Learning
SSLSpace Sciences Laboratory
SSLSolid State Laser
SSLSocial Services Law
SSLSodium Stearoyl Lactylate (food grade emulsifier)
SSLSpace Systems Loral
SSLSpace Systems Laboratory
SSLSteam Ship Line
SSLSisters of St. Louis (Catholic organization)
SSLScheitel-Steiß-Länge (German; gynaecology, obstetrics)
SSlSouth Slavic (linguistics)
SSLSystem Specification Language
SSLStandard Security Label
SSLSingle Stuck Line (type of test pattern model)
SSLShop Stock List
SSLSource Sink Library (Reuters)
SSLSemantic Specification Language
SSLScreen Script Language
SSLSuspended Stripline (microwave filter)
SSLSteinschnittlage (gynaecology, proctology)
SSLSoftware Support Laboratory
SSLSoftware Solutions Laboratory
SSLSpatial Systems Laboratory (University of Wisconsin)
SSLSerpentine Superlattice
SSLStructure Surface Level (civil engineering)
SSLStructural Slab Level (civil engineering)
SSLSeismograph Service Limited
SSLSquash Silverleaf (plant disorder)
SSLSubmarine Safety Lane
SSLSpecified Short-Term Load (voltage)
SSLStandard Service Link
SSLSymbionics Systems Ltd. (Canada)
SSLSolid Statement Library
SSLSynchronous Serial Line Interface (Digital Television)
SSLSingle Site/Station Locating
SSLSubject Screening Log
SSLStaphylococcus Superantigen-Like
SSLSoil Screening Level(s) (US EPA)
SSLServing Sri Lanka
SSLSouth Salt Lake (Salt Lake City, UT)
SSLSimsynth Live (fruityloops studio generator plugin)
SSLSingle Straight Line
SSLScientific Services Laboratory
SSLLicentiate in Sacred Scripture (religious)
SSLSamsung Super League (jumping competition)
SSLSimultaneous Second Lien
SSLSacrospinous Ligament
SSLStandards for School Leaders
SSLSmall Size League (RoboCup)
References in classic literature ?
Little bells were hung all round it; and when the pot was boiling, these bells tinkled in the most charming manner, and played the old melody,
said the Princess, and she walked on; but when she had gone a little way, the bells tinkled so prettily
Few finer fencing matches can ever have been seen in crowded amphitheatres than that which tinkled and sparkled on that forgotten island in the reedy river.
The whips snapped, the bells tinkled merrily, the sleds churned along the trail; but Buck knew, and every dog knew, what had taken place behind the belt of river trees.
But hardly had the elevator started, when the two coins tinkled on the roof and fell down between the car and the shaft.
The whiskey tinkled, the syphon fizzed, the ice plopped home; and seated there in his pyjamas, with the inevitable cigarette, Raffles told me the story that I had given up hoping to hear.
Without looking at him, she complied; but so violent was the nervous trembling of her hands that the glass chimney tinkled against the globe and the match went out.
The piece of ice in the long tumbler he held in his hand tinkled with an effect of chat tering teeth.
Somewhere in a corridor a distant bell tinkled urgently, and with devoted vigilance the young man pricked up his ears at the sound.
Solomon Daisy raised his glass to his lips; put it down upon the floor with such a trembling hand that the spoon tinkled in it like a little bell; and continued thus:
As they raised him, a ring tinkled down and rolled across the floor.
I got him somewhere; for the knife tinkled down on the floor.