SSLHSociety for the Study of Labour History (London, England, UK)
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The individuals behind the SSLH taught aspiring academics, adult learners, and trade unionists.
9) The single-authored books produced by SSLH members were especially significant, and these collections offer glowing examinations of several, including, of course, E.
14) Like the diversity of Marxist scholars active in the SSLH, Radical America's contributors were part of the broad, anti-capitalist left.
The movement was launched at a conference on Chartism in 1967, and SSLH members, including Raphael Samuel, an instructor of mature students at Ruskin College and one of the founders of the Communist Party Historians Group, played a critical part in its development.
The excitement surrounding the history from below movement combined with the breakthroughs within Marxist historiography, especially the type advanced by Thompson and his SSLH colleagues, greatly influenced the historical profession as a whole.
By the decade's start, groups like the SSLH, with a membership of over 1000, were flourishing.
But, the SSLH as an organisation with a commitment to building on the history work of the labour movement as well as to its professional agenda?
The intellectual achievements of the SSLH are staggering, but its glory days are well in the past, with its membership down to around 200, reflective of the diminished importance of labour history in Britain.