SSLSSingapore Synchrotron Light Source
SSLSSolid State Lighting Suppliers (forum)
SSLSSt. Stephen Lutheran School (various locations)
SSLSSolar Street Lighting System
SSLSSolid State Lighting System
SSLSSecret Sisterhood Ladybug Society
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USLS and SSLS fixation are equally effective when compared with one another.
Native tissue, suture-based reconstructive repairs of the vagina include apical procedures, such as SSLS and USLS, in addition to anterior colporrhaphy and posterior repair.
At 2-year follow-up, SSLS and USLS along with anterior colporrhaphy and posterior repair are equally effective for treatment of prolapse with comparable functional and adverse outcomes.
SCP is more effective than SSLS but the abdominal procedure (not laparoscopic) may be associated with more complications.
Items on the SSIS, SFQ, ESLI social isolation subscale, ESLI emotional isolation subscale, and SSLS were summed to form indices for each scale.
When we compared the patient group with the SSLS group, these differences remained (Table 2).
We also found a more similar pathological personality profile between patients and SSHS pairs, than between patients and SSLS pairs.
SSLS, however, had a more adaptive personality, reflected by their low scores on DAPP-BQ.
There is evidence that this process is already helping to limit the number of executions, at least in cases involving egregious miscarriages of justice," said David Deng, a researcher with SSLS.
Dong Samuel Luak, secretary of SSLS and member of the Constitution Review Committee,on Tuesday rejected the deal, describing it as "nothing" to the people of South Sudan except that it allowed for the resumption of the oil production to rescue the country from economic collapse.