SSMFStandard Single Mode Fiber (Corning)
SSMFSoldiers', Sailors' and Marines' Fund (Connecticut)
SSMFSewanee Summer Music Festival (Sewanee, TN)
SSMFSitka Summer Music Festival (Anchorage, AK)
SSMFSpace Station Microwave Facility
SSMFSpace Station Millimeter Facility
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The NLS equation is considered to include higher order dispersion scenario that is quite helpful in accurate modeling of pulse propagation in SSMF [131718].
The generated upstream signal is transmitted back to the CO through SSMF where it is detected by photo detector.
The impact of the FWM effect on the DBPSK signal in the SSMF fibers is shown on Figure 29 and in the NZDSF fibers is shown on figure 30.
SSMF is a three-day music festival which takes it to the street with outdoor live concerts and events which are intended to celebrate the The Strip's vibrant musical legacy and clubs.
Music is just part of our DNA as a brand - and we're pleased to support the next generation of artists through SSMF.
Previously for the detection of the maximum number of loops we were dealing with SSMF span length equal to 50 km.
4(a) shows the bit-error-rate (BER) performance of the downlink and P2P signals, in both cases for back-to-back (BTB) and after 50-km (downlink) or 25-km (P2P) SSMF transmission.
Celebrating the musical legacy of The Sunset Strip, this year's SSMF will feature a number of The Strip's most legendary clubs and bands.
Besides Fine Arts Camp and SSMF, Sitka is also the site of several other well-known scientific and cultural conferences, such as Whalefest and Paths across the Pacific, and there ate frequent concert offerings from Sitka Folk, another group.
As the optical signal moves along a standard single mode fiber SSMF, it gets attenuated along the fiber and if the data speed is high enough (> 10 Gb/s), it gets distorted due to chromatic and polarization dispersions.