SSPSHoly Spirit Missionary Sisters (religious order)
SSPSSouthern Sudan Police Service
SSPSSchool of Social and Political Sciences
SSPSSolid State Protection System
SSPSSocial Service Payment System
SSPSSocial Science and Policy Studies (Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Worcester, MA)
SSPSSpeed Sensitive Power-assisted Steering
SSPSScottish Standard Payroll System
SSPSStanford Society of Physician Scholars (Stanford University School of Medicine; Stanford, CA)
SSPSSky Survey Prototype System
SSPSSpace-Based Solar Power System (proposed energy solution)
SSPSSolar System Positioning System (astronomy)
SSPSSubcarrier Signal-Point Sequence
SSPSSoftware Standards and Procedures Specification (International Space Station)
SSPSSummer Study at Penn State
SSPSSans Souci Public School (Australia)
SSPSSingle Sound Per Symbol (alphabet)
SSPSState Security & Protective Services Australia Pty Ltd
SSPSScottish Surgical Paediatric Society
SSPSSilver Stream Public School (Canada)
SSPSStrathfield South Public School (Australia)
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SSPS Mobile Salon and Boutique will be making its way around Las Vegas intermittently throughout the year.
SSPS is a full service production services company based in Las Vegas.
La SSPS mostro una buena consistencia interna (SSPS-P [alfa] de 0,75 a 0,80; SSPS-N [alfa]= 0,86) y una buena fiabilidad test-retest a los tres meses (SSPS-P r= 0,78; SSPS-N r= 0,80) (Hofmann y DiBartolo, 2000).
Por lo que respecta a la validez convergente las dos subescalas del SSPS mostraron una correlacion elevada y significativa con medidas de miedo a hablar en publico como el PRCS (SSPS-P r= -0,58; SSPS-N r= 0,67) (Paul, 1966).
2010) observaron diferencias significativas entre poblacion control y muestra clinica en la puntuacion de ambas subescalas del SSPS.
El objetivo principal de este trabajo es llevar a cabo la validacion del SSPS (Hofmann y DiBartolo, 2000) en poblacion clinica espanola diagnosticada de fobia social.
The whole device is attached to a tractor three-point hitch, and a customized data collection system records load cell outputs along with GPS location data as the tractor pulls the SSPS through the field.
In soil bin and field tests, the prototype SSPS provided reliable and repeatable data.
This may be because the mechanisms of soil disturbance are somewhat different for the vertically operating penetrometer and the horizontally operating SSPS.
Applying technologies and designs developed from its internally funded Ultra Lightweight Warrior (ULW) program, BAE Systems designed SSPS to meet the U.
With SSPS, we've created a next generation and a true body armor system that not only enhances mobility and proper weight distribution, but allows soldiers to configure the system any way they want, to meet any requirements.
The technologies incorporated into SSPS include new lightweight materials, a soft armor package that is lighter in weight than current offerings, and a quick-release mechanism that decreases donning and emergency doffing time.