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SSQSociety for Software Quality
SSQLa Sarre, Quebec, Canada (Airport Code)
SSQSchedule Sales Query (US General Services Administration)
SSQSun Red Capital Corporation (stock symbol)
SSQSpace Station Quality
SSQStandardized Safety Questionnaire
SSQShilakowsky String Quartet
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The insurer selected Planbox for its out-of-the-box features that met most of SSQ Insurance's needs at a very competitive price.
The final SSQ had 18 items exploring whether an athlete is experiencing shame due to substandard preparation (e.
The SSQ consists of a pre-and post-questionnaire that is divided into an oculomotor factor, disorientation factor and a nausea factor.
Thus, the SSQ provides two scores: the first is SSQ-N, where the index N represents the perceived number of supportive people; and the second is SSQ-S, where the S index indicates the level of satisfaction with this social support.
Analysis of discriminant validity between the CGI-S, the GAF, SFS, and the PDD did not show any correlation between the SSQ assessed by this scale and psychosocial and general functioning or symptoms.
The SSQ has six levels of prizes, which are shown in Table 1.
The FHQ and SSQ questionnaire were used to characterize reported hearing-related difficulties.
SSQ has completed the first phase of its deployment, which will ultimately see CIC used by its nearly 2,000 employees across six regional offices throughout Canada, and by its work-at-home employees.
According to Intact Financial, the sale to SSQ would enable it to bring its debt-to-capital ratio within the targeted 20%.
Coveo's more than 700 global implementations contribute to the success of, among many others, AmerisourceBergen, CA Technologies, Deloitte, GEICO, ESPN, Haley & Aldrich, Lockheed Martin, P&G, Netezza, SNC-Lavalin, Sony Ericsson, IMS Health, SSQ Financial, and the U.
His VHI and SSQ responses revealed no change in status following the placebo challenges.