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SSRSolid State Relay
SSRSecurity Sector Reform
SSRSimple Sequence Repeat (molecular biology)
SSRSoviet Socialist Republic
SSRSecondary Surveillance Radar
SSRSustained Silent Reading
SSRSoins de Suite et de Réadaptation (French: After Care and Rehabilitation)
SSRSalud Sexual y Reproductiva (Spanish: Sexual and Reproductive Health; also seen as SSYR)
SSRSymposium on Software Reusability (ACM symposium)
SSRService Sales Representative
SSRSmall Screen Rendering (Opera browser on small screen devices)
SSRSilent Sustained Reading
SSRSociety for the Study of Reproduction
SSRSociété Suisse de Radiodiffusion (French)
SSRSuper Sport Roadster (Chevrolet)
SSRSchool of Sound Recording
SSRSolid State Recorder
SSRStanding Seam Roof (metal roofing system)
SSRSpecial Service Request (airlines)
SSRSmartSwitch Router (Cabletron)
SSRSchedule Status Report
SSRSprayless Scratch Repair (Lewisville, TX)
SSRSoftware Specification Review
SSRScalable Sampling Rate (audio coding)
SSRSchool Science Review (UK journal of the Association for Science Education)
SSRSmall Ships Register
SSRSingle Sequence Repeat
SSRSurface Search Radar
SSRSearch and Rescue Region
SSRSociety of Skeletal Radiology
SSRSpeed Star Racing
SSRSymantec Security Response
SSRStep Step Revolution
SSRSelective Service Registration
SSRSlow-Strain Rate (test)
SSRSlope Stability Radar
SSRSingle Stream Recycling (various locations)
SSRSecondary Sex Ratio (births ratio)
SSRSolid State Radar
SSRSum of Squares due to Regression
SSRSpecific Sentence Report (UK criminal courts)
SSRStandard Statistical Region
SSRSupply Support Request
SSRSales and Service Representative
SSRSociology and Social Research
SSRStock Status Report
SSRSystem Status Register
SSRSupplemental Security Income Record (Social Security Administration)
SSRSpecial Security Representative
SSRSite Survey Report
SSRStatic Shift Register (electronics, logical devices)
SSRSide-mode Suppression Ratio (SONET)
SSRSuccessive Survivable Routing (IEEE)
SSRS.S. Rajendran (actor)
SSRStolen Sharpie Revolution (web zine)
SSRSuper Steep Retrograde
SSRSystem Service Representative
SSRStackable Switch Router (Avici)
SSRSuperintendencia de Seguros y Reaseguros (Banco Central del Uruguay)
SSRSubsea Release (offshore drilling)
SSRSystem Specification Review
SSRSit Down Shut Up and Read
SSRSatellite System Receiver
SSRSum of the Squared Residual
SSRSeven Star Reaf (anime)
SSRSACEUR Strategic Reserve
SSRSpin-Stabilized Rocket
SSRSystème, Sécurité et Réseaux (French: System, Security and Networks)
SSRScottish Society of Rehabilitation
SSRSpecification Status Report
SSRSecondary System Relief
SSRSite Suitability Report
SSRSystem Status Review
SSRShip(s) Selected Record(s)
SSRSubmarine Radar Picket
SSRSecurity Survey Report
SSRSigma Sigma Rho (sorority)
SSRSwitching Series Regulator
SSRSystem Summary Report
SSRSecondary Supply Route
SSRSingle Service Responsibility (claims)
SSRSpecial Support & Reconnaisance (Danish military)
SSRSoftware Status Review
SSRSpacely's Sprocket Rockets (amusement park ride)
SSRSeries Storage Router (Cisco)
SSRService Specific Resource
SSRSecondary State Road/Route
SSRSecure Storage Room
SSRSystem Supportability Review
SSRSupply Services Requirement
SSRSwitch Systems Requirements (Sprint)
SSRSegment Size Ratio
SSRSeparations Summary Registers (Telcordia)
SSRSubsystem Summary Report
SSRSupplier Selection Record
SSRStudent Shared Resource
SSRSemiannual Revision
SSRSite Survey and Recommendation
SSRSublime Soul Radio
SSRSecret Soi Riders (motorcycle club)
SSRStandard Service Revolver (military or law enforcement firearm)
SSRSmall Scale Renewable (energy system)
SSRServer-Side Rules (computing)
SSRScientists for Social Responsibility (UK)
SSRSouth Saskatchewan Regiment (Canada)
SSRSocial Security Review
SSRSerial Status Register (computer programming)
SSRSecondary School Report (college application form)
SSRSelf Sufficiency Rate (agriculture)
SSRSelf-Service Restaurant
SSRSelf Study Review (various organizations)
SSRSport Science Research
SSRSubsynchronous Resonance (power)
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Eagleburger said computer tools and an accelerated schedule for the SSR (Super Sport Roadster) program allowed Goodyear to submit tires by June.
The yellow roadster, the first Chevrolet SSR built with production-intent parts, shows how true the SSR will be to last year's concept vehicle.
The SSR project is a tremendous opportunity to expand our participation in vehicle development and delivery," said Larry Doyle, ASC president and CEO.
Fluctuation of the SSR has been promoted as a possible sentinel health indicator (4,7).
Further, SSR and VSS tests at WIDL provide data that can directly be used in finite element modeling (no need to assume Poisson's ratio equal to 0.
In 2011, SSR was ranked first in the ZweigWhite "Best Multidiscipline A/E Services Firm To Work For" among firms with more than 300 employees.
Further, through Ericsson's IP Operating System (IPOS), it also gives the outcome for convergent networks, nevertheless, SSR 8010 router is ideal for fixed and mobile IP backhaul, capable of aggregating 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and fixed access traffic.
The advantages have been confirmed on SPOT 6 where our flash SSR has a flawless track-record in an Earth observation mission, explains Tim Pike, Product Manager for Payload Data Handling at Airbus Defense and Space Electronics.
We are thrilled to work with SSR and broaden our client base using our unmatched design expertise combined with SSR's vast experience providing real estate and relocation services to professional athletes nationwide," added Antone Barnes, COO of MCD.
To create the SSR panels, a two-step inverted toggle draw process is used: sheet is located over a punch and the binder ring presses it down to form the basic shape, then a secondary punch descends and completes the forming operation.
The Receivables Exchange is centralizing a highly fragmented and inefficient marketplace by creating an online exchange for trading receivables," said Steve Helland, managing partner at SSR Capital Partners, LP.
BULLETIN BOARD: UGHO) , an emerging global leader in integrated transportation, maritime and global supply chain security systems, non-lethal protection products and strategic security services to protect against terrorist, criminal, and security threats to governments and businesses worldwide, today announced it has executed a Strategic Distribution Agreement with SSR Engineering, Inc.