SSRBSouth Saskatchewan River Basin (Alberta, Canada)
SSRBSpace Sciences Research Building (University of Florida)
SSRBSingle-Slice Rebinning (algorithm)
SSRBSpecial Source Revenue Bond
SSRBSpreadsheet Standards Review Board (body that develops and maintains the Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards)
SSRBSenior Safety Review Board
SSRBSource Selection Review Board
SSRBService Selection Recruitment Board (India)
SSRBSphinx Sector Rim Base (current residence of the Skolian ancient device Third Lock
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The one per cent rise set by the SSRB would have taken MPs' pay to Au66,395 a year.
Most, if not all, of the larger allocations in the SSRB were issued after 1894 and before 1999.
To prevent the SSRB or its fund managers from exercising any voice in management of private companies and to prevent SSRB share ownership from diluting control of private shareholders, Congress could take either of two steps.
As of last night, there had been no amendment published calling for the full SSRB award, and the Government motion may well be approved without the need for a vote.
For the next three years, the SSRB said, MPs' pay should be linked to the base salary of the senior civil service, with an additional pounds 650 each year.
Colne Valley MP Kali Mountford said it would be wrong for her to comment until the SSRB announces its recommendations next week.
The SSRB rejected this but sources say it has suggested a rise above the current rate of inflation.
The SSRB has also recommended that AMs getting on their bike on constituency duties should receive 20p a mile - more than double the amount currently paid - in line with approved Inland Revenue rates.
Amid widespread outrage at the increase, the LCD has asked the SSRB to review that relationship.
The SSRB has not even met yet to discuss the pay review and this consultation document will form just one part of the evidence they consider.
By Deng Riak Khoryoam January 30, 2011 -- The much anticipated popular vote on independence for South Sudan finally came to a close earlier this month with the results being announced by the SSRB and subsequently by the commission in Khartoum this week.
Sir John, chairman of the SSRB between 2002 and 2008, said his body had been "warned off" from the expenses issue.