SSRFSpiritual Science Research Foundation
SSRFShanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (China)
SSRFSmall Scale Raiding Force (UK)
SSRFSouth Sound Reading Foundation (Lacey, WA; National Children's Reading Foundation)
SSRFSocial Security Reserve Fund (Slovakia)
SSRFState Service for the Registration of Foreigners (Turkmenistan)
SSRFSpartan Spatial Random Field (earth science)
SSRFShield Shell Replacement Fabric (US NASA)
SSRFSalton Sea Restoration Fund (California Department of Fish and Game)
SSRFSalt Science Research Foundation (Japan)
SSRFSpace Systems Research Facility
SSRFSödra Sallerups Ryttarförening (Swedish: Southern Sallerup Riders Association; Sallerup, Sweden)
SSRFStatistical Services Revolving Fund (Illinois)
SSRFSpecial State Reserve Funds (North Carolina)
SSRFSocial Service Residential Facility (Florida)
SSRFSouthern Soldiers Remembrance Fund (Confederate grave markers)
SSRFState Special Revenue Fund (Montana and Ohio)
SSRFSmall Scale Research Fund (Faculty of Languages, Arts and Sciences; Hong Kong Institute of Education)
SSRFSpecial State Research Fund (Indiana University)
SSRFSindh Special Relief Fund (Pakistan)
SSRFStandard Spectrum Resource Format
SSRFServer Side Request Forgery (malicious exploit of web servers)
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Good to explain the surgical steps of SSRF to the patient and family.
Thus, a 3D-printed model for SSRF would be superfluous.
Prospective multi-institutional studies are needed to validate the feasibility and safety of 3D printing in SSRF.
A certain amount of urea was added to the AA-AM mixture solution in the process of the preparation of SAPs to prepare SSRF.
Water absorbency measurement of SSRF was the same with SAPs.
Then 25 g sand, 200 g air-dried soil sieved through a 2 cm screen, and another 250 g air-dried soil mixed with SSRF according to the standard of N 1 g [kg.
Thirty seeds mixed with dried soil (50 g) were spread in each pot containing the same amount of soil (the content of SSRF or SAPs samples was 0.
6, water absorption of SSRF with 5% urea (539 g/g) significantly increased, compared with SAPs (459 g/g).
Compared with the IR spectra of SAPs, IR spectra of SSRF had the following change: the stretching vibration of C=O of COOH of AA at 1,716 [cm.
Water absorption of SSRF significantly increased compared with corresponding SAPs, which also could be explained by SEM images in Fig.
The idea to replace this telco WAN with SSRF was brought to fruition by the town's Technical Support Department (http://www.
The argument for making a capital investment estimated $115,000 in an SSRF system was simple: We could have a greater-bandwidth WAN that would be more reliable, less complicated, and would save at least $65,000 per year.