SSZSulfasalazine (medication)
SSZSupra-Subduction Zone (geology)
SSZSpecialisatievereniging Sociaal Zekerheidsrecht (Dutch: Social Security Law Specialization Association)
SSZSpecified Strike Zone
SSZSicherheits Système Zimmermann (German: Zimmerman Security System)
SSZSurface Security Zone
SSZSchool Safety Zone
SSZSolar Soyuz Zaibatsu (bulletin board system)
SSZSeven Starz (gaming team)
SSZSantos, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Airport Code)
SSZSystem Sector Size (computing)
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001) compared to other DMARDS like HCQ alone or SSZ or leflunomide, either alone or in combination.
To achieve this, the HI'QM added silicone rubber was incorporated with OC and SSZ fillers.
OC, and SSZ were added and mixed for a further 15 min.
Seven studies have documented the effectiveness of combinations of MTX with SSZ, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and prednisolone.
Superior efficacy was found for the triple combination over MTX monotherapy or SSZ in combination with HCQ.
Helfrich and her colleagues surveyed 21 patients with moderate to severe psoriasis who received MTX and SSZ.
This binary variable indicating location in a SSZ was discussed in the previous section.
The point estimates for FAULTREG suggest that the direct effect of the SSZ notification policy also fell after the earthquake.
SSZ 2 nd Floor Technical Laboratory Near NH-24 Ghazipur