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ST1Stratum 1 (Nortel timing product)
ST1Esotropia At Near (ophthalmological term)
ST1Sonar Technician First Class (Naval Rating)
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ST1, the company's lead program, is in late stage preclinical development and is expected to enter human clinical trials in 2018.
We investigated 111 ST1 GBS isolates collected by the Toronto Invasive Bacterial Diseases Network during 2009-2015.
A partir de muestras de materia fecal de 40 individuos que resultaron positivos para el parasito por microscopia, encontraron que ST3 fue el subtipo prevalente del parasito en 53,5% de las muestras analizadas, seguidos de ST1 (25,6%), ST2, ST4 y ST7 (47).
The distance between seismic stations ST1 and ST2 was 450 m and the epicentral distances of recorded events were in the range from 18 to 230 km.
In addition, Shell's aviation business in Norway will become a 50-50 joint venture with ST1.
5%) Okotoko West-3 ST1 is at 855 metres, with operations suspended pending resolution of mechanical issues with the rig.
Tony Lembeck represented the landlord in the transaction between Wild Edibles (tenant) and ST1 Realty (landlord).
2001) para clasificar a los compradores en leales y no leales, se obtuvo que el 8,4% de los encuestados es leal al supermercado ST1, el 22,3% a ST2, el 49,6% a ST3, el 20,0% a ST4, el 6,7% a ST5 y el 19,4% es leal a mas de un supermercado, entregando como resultado que el 78,6% de los encuestados son clientes leales a alguno de los supermercados mencionados.
s 6-31 RD2 ST1 stepout well reaches total depth of 3,952 feet(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Ever having committed sexual violence was positively associated with living in a smaller urban area, Muslim religion, low or middle household wealth, recent drug or alcohol use, having had a recent ST1 and agreeing that wife-beating is justified (1.
The Zenvo ST1 is the automotive Prince of Denmark, and WHO'D certainly the country's most expensive export at pounds 780,000.