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STABStack Buffer
STABSame Type Attack Bonus (gaming)
STABStupid Territorial Army Bastard (military slang)
STABStrike Assault Boat
STABState Trauma Advisory Board
STABSteered Agile Beam
STABStandby Advisory Board (US Army)
STABSemantic Technology Adoption in Business (workshop)
STABSEAL Tactical Assault Boat
STABSoprano, Tenor, Alto, and Bass (mnemonic for voices in a chorus)
STABStrategy & Tactics Against Blades (defense technique)
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It comes as a survey revealed that 40% of universities in Yorkshire now employ security guards who wear stab vests while on duty.
ALERT J Police arrive at the scene EMERGENCY n Paramedics work on the stab victims in Dungannon, Co Tyrone, on Thursday
The 31-year-old man - named in reports as Paul Otieno - is under guard after undergoing surgery for stab wounds to his neck and body.
Existing forensic techniques are limited in their ability to determine exactly when a stab wound was inflicted.
The 18-year-old was found with stab wounds by a member of the public at around 10.
Police were called to New Cross hospital, where the man died from what is understood to have been a stab wound to the heart.
1) Much of the other available data dealt with stab or slash protection, the physics of edged-weapon attacks, the types of edged weapons most commonly used in attacks, and the probability of survival.
STAB CITY SLIT WRISTS are one of those rare bands that just go for it.
On the left side of her neck were a series of eight stab wounds.
Each attempts to stab its penis into an exposed area of its sex partner's body while avoiding getting jabbed itself.
She also added Becker was carrying the knife that was later used to stab her in the back.
The police said that the stab had badly damaged the lungs of the victim.