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STAMPSStand Alone Message Processing System
STAMPSStrategic Tactical Automated Mission Planning System
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They therefore made a most stubborn resistance to the Stamp Act.
Grandfather spoke briefly of the public measures that were taken in opposition to the Stamp Act.
They sent a humble petition to the king, and a memorial to the Parliament, beseeching that the Stamp Act might be repealed.
Later on he pawned his watch, and still later his wheel, reducing the amount available for food by putting stamps on all his manuscripts and sending them out.
He folded the stamps in with his manuscript, dropped it into the letter-box, and from three weeks to a month afterward the postman came up the steps and handed him the manuscript.
A stamp started it on its travels, but it was destined to receive many stamps and to be started on many travels in the months that followed.
And their function is to catch all the young fellows attending the university, to drive out of their minds any glimmering originality that may chance to be there, and to put upon them the stamp of the established.
On they rushed, and their plumes lay back upon the wind, till it seemed as though they must stamp us flat.
These authorities will be provided limited access to the database of e-Stamping where from they will be able to verify genuineness of e-Stamp paper, eliminating chances of usage of fake stamps.
The firth stamps was issued on May 21, to mark the establishment of 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.
Over 700 geo-political entities have issued stamps since 1840 from Andorra (where both France and Spain issue stamps) to Zimbabwe (featuring their traditional musical instruments).
You may need to get two different stamps: one to stamp wooden boxes, crates, pallets and skids, and another stamp with DUN on it to mark dunnage.