STANOSurveillance, Target Acquisition, & Night Observation
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Hoopey said that while a lot of the technology the STANO project aims to deliver to soldiers already exists within the Canadian Army, the program will supply cutting-edge devices more consistently throughout the service, rather than just to those deploying overseas, for instance.
Among other things, the STANO project includes a $19-million contract recently signed with ITT Industries Night Vision (Roanoke, VA), to provide the Canadian Army with up to 6,356 units of the AN/PVS-14 monocular night-vision device, an augment to the AN/PVS-504 (similar to the bi-ocular AN/PVS-7 used by the US Army).
MANU STANO, a 23-year-old office assistant, has been sacked from his job in Manila in the Philippines after setting off 43 fire extinguishers over the last six months.