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STANTScience Teachers Association of the Northern Territory (Nightcliff, Northwest Territory, Australia)
STANTStation-Aids to Navigation (USCG)
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Plans are currently under way for ConSTANT, the STANT Conference, to be held in Term 3.
The target firm, established in 2011, currently operates as Pyongsan-FT, but will change name to Stant Korea Corp and will operate as a joint venture between the two parties.
The results - witnessed by Stant from his vantage point on dry land - were catastrophic and cost many Welsh Guards their lives.
Standing on the cliff top looking out over the bay, Stant can remember seeing a ship, the Sir Galahad, and thinking 'they're sitting ducks'.
As a newcomer, Stant was forced to start at the rear of the grid,and along with fellow newcomers will this season contest the Rookie Championship.
MOTORSPORT ace John Stant is moving back into top flight rallying.
STRIKERS Phil Stant and Paul Hunter served up a nasty shock for new-look Ilkeston.
Unbeknownst to Maggie, her best friend, Charlotte Stant (Uma Thurman), had once carried a torch for the social-climbing Amerigo.
Veteran striker Stant fired home after Thorpe had dribbled through the defence.
Through the efforts of the manipulative Fanny Assingham, Maggie becomes engaged to Amerigo, an Italian prince in reduced circumstances, but remains blind to his rekindled affair with her longtime friend Charlotte Stant.
The Rubber Molding Division of Eagle-Picher Automotive was honored with the Preferred Supplier Award from Stant Manufacturing.
On May 1, Stant was honored by Honda of America Manufacturing Inc.