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STAPESecretariado Técnico dos Assuntos para o Processo Eleitoral (Portugal)
STAPEShort Format State Magnetic Tape File
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In their preface, Stape and Sullivan explain the condition and characteristics of the manuscript and typescript, including such details as known times of composition and information about pagination, ink, paper size and type, and watermarks.
Would she be so willing to be in the property on her own if she knew John Stape was in the vicinity?
After marrying his sweetheart Fiz Brown in a ceremony in jail and then being released, Stape had a chance at a new life.
Starting from the roadside name Stape on the southern edge of the hamlet, we cross Stape Road to turn right on the bridleway that runs through a wooden gate on the right and alongside a birch wood on our left.
Chesney's brother-in-law, John Stape (Graeme Hawley), is up to his neck in murder, dead bodies and stolen identities.
GOLF champ Graeme McDowell has got engaged to his beautiful girlfriend Kristin Stape - 200 metres above Dubai.
Stape acknowledges that his treatment of Conrads Polish years in Several Lives derives from the documents found in Conrads Polish Background: Letters to and from Polish Friends and Conrad under Familial Eyes, both edited by Najder (SL, 339), On the other hand, Stape is very much aware of himself as the fourth generation biographer of Conrad, reckoning from Jocelyn Baines' Joseph Conrad: A Critical Biography, published in 1960, which Stape considers the "foundation upon which all later biographies have built" (SL, xxii).
CORRIE killer John Stape might get a shock if he makes good on his plan to head for a Highland village - as the local hotel boss is a dead ringer for him.
Insisting John's a killer, Ches accuses him of murdering Charlotte and Joy but, as Stape starts stuttering explanations, Fiz appears.
Stape, played by Graeme Hawley, 37, then flees the country, leaving his family terrified he could return.