STAQStatic Traffic Assignment with Queuing (computer traffic)
STAQScience Teachers' Association of Queensland (Australia)
STAQSail Training Association of Queensland (Australia)
STAQSecurities Trading Automated Quotation (exchange system; China)
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STAQ will use the fresh capital to expand the adoption of its solution, which is used by media buyers, brand publishers and advertising technology platforms, said CEO and co-founder James Curran.
STAQ was set up by the Stock Exchange Executive Council, an advisory and research body, while NET was created by the People's Bank of China, the central bank, which once had a key supervisory role over the share markets.
Late in 1995, shareholders of Hainan Airlines approved a sell-off of 25 percent of the airline's stock (which is traded on China's new STAQ system) to an American Aviation Investment Fund backed by George Soros.
Brighton's STAQ Online trading workstations are now available in the four major trading centers of Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Shenzhen.
Nasdaq's announcement and the Chinese Government's approval of the STAQ investment demonstrates how rapidly markets around the globe are being transformed by technology and a global economic boom.
Separately, Brighton also announced it has developed new software, in conjunction with ARIA Wireless Systems (OTC:AWSI), that greatly expands the capacity of its STAQ On-Line project by enabling a pair of radio frequencies to support up to 250 end users, allowing access to on-line stock market information from terminals simultaneously in one city.
So what is the role for our professional associations such as STAQ and ASTA?
Brighton is a majority partner in the STAQ On-Line joint venture with Beijing Huazheng Electronic Technology Co.
In May, the company completed installation of demonstration terminals of the STAQ On-line network in Hong Kong and Taipei, Taiwan.
One of the things we explored this year was a member evening, to offer both professional learning and networking opportunities to STAQ members.
The terminals, which are connected to the STAQ On-line network, represent the first commercial on-line trading system to link Chinese securities exchanges from outside the People's Republic of China.
The first successful satellite communications link between Beijing and Shanghai for the STAQ On-Line network was announced in November, with plans to ultimately provide coverage to more than 50 cities in China using this same technology.