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STARStandardized Testing And Reporting (education)
STARStorage & Retrieval
STARStudy of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene (medical protocol)
STARScience To Achieve Results (US EPA fellowship program)
STARSatellite Applications and Research
STARScientific and Technical Aerospace Reports (NASA publication)
STARSpecial Tactics and Rescue
STARState of the Art Report
STARStudent Action for Refugees (student body acting on behalf of refugees in the UK)
STARSolenoidal Tracker At RHIC (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
STARStandard Terminal Arrival Route
STARStudent Teacher Achievement Ratio (Tennessee)
STaRSchool Technology and Readiness
STARStanding Together Against Rape
STARSituation, Task, Action, Results
STARShock Trauma Air Rescue
STARSurveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
STARSpace Telescope Axial Replacement
STARStandards for Technology in Automotive Retail
STARSpringer Tracts in Advanced Robotics (research publication)
STARSecure Trade in the APEC Region
STARSpecial Teachers Are Rewarded
STARStress and Anxiety Research Society
STARServing The American Rinks
STARSelf Test And Repair
STARSuburban Transit Access Route (Chicago)
STARStudents Taking Action with Recognition
STARSecondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (New Zealand)
STARStop, Think, Act & Review
STARStudents Taking Academic Responsibility (various schools)
STARStudents and Teachers Against Racism
STARShareware Trade Association and Resources
STARStrategically Targeted Academic Research
STARScientific and Technical Report
STARSheriff's Training and Respect
STARSelf-Testing and Repairing (autonomous computer system)
STARSystem Threat Assessment Report
STARSociete Tunisienne d'Assurance et de Reassurance (Tunisia)
STARSouthern Truth and Reconciliation
STARSatellite Television Asian Region, Ltd.
STARSekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (Malaysian boarding school)
STARSurface To Air Recovery (USAF Fulton Recovery System)
STARStandards Tracking and Automated Reporting (National Standards Systems Network)
STARSystematic Technical Accuracy Review
STARState Tax Automated Research System
STARSolar-Terrestrial and Astrophysical Research
STARScience Teaching through its Astronomical Roots (Harvard Center For Astrophysics)
STARSkills To Achieve Results (training program)
STARSpecial Trusts Alternative Regime (Cayman Islands)
STARSystem for Technology Accountability and Rigor
STARShort Term Assistance and Referral (Alaska)
STARSystem for Time and Attendance Reporting
STARSupport, Technical Assistance and Resources
STARStaged Abdominal Repair
STARSignalement des Thèses Électroniques, Archivage et Recherche (French: Electronic Theses, Archiving and Search Reporting; software)
STARStability Wind Rose
STARScientific and Technological Advanced Research (Superman comic fictional company; aka STAR Labs)
STARStandard Instrument Arrival Route
STARStandards and Technology Annual Report
STARSpatio-Temporal Array-Receiver
STARState Acid Rain Projects
STARStrategic Traffic Accident Reduction
STARSearch Tracking and Registry (Sybase)
STARSubsonic Transport Acoustic Research
STARStaff Automated Reporting System
STARSpecial Telecommunications Action for Regional Development (EU)
STARStudent Training in Aquatic Research
STARStop Talking and Read
STARStateful Assured Routing (Enstara)
STARStation de Traitement, d'Assainissement et de Reconditionnement (French: Treatment, Sanitation and Reconditioning Plant)
STARSite Team and Research
STARSociety to Advance the Retarded (Lighting the Way)
STARSpecial Troops Arms Regiment (The Black Hole)
STARSimulation, Training, Assessment and Research Center (Dania Beach, FL)
STARSewage Telecommunication Access By Robot (Robotic Cabling Co.)
STARShuttle Turnaround Analysis Report (NASA)
STARSpecial Targeted Applicant Rehabilitation Program
STARSimultaneous Transmit & Receive (Radar)
STARSharing The Ability to Read (Adult Literacy)
STARSystem Threat Analysis Report
STARSelf Testing Area
STARSpace-Time Auto-Regressive (filtering)
STARShort Term Artist in Residence (Australia)
STARSecurity Targeting and Analysis of Risks
STARStellar Attitude Reference (navigation)
STARSpace Taxi and Return
STARSafe Teens on America's Roads
STARSymmetrix Triangular Automated Replication (EMC)
STARScience Technology and Research Party (Australia)
STARStatic Acid Rain (projects)
STARSimulation in Training for Advanced Readiness
STARSecurity Trained and Ready (USAF)
STARSpace Telescope Audit Report
STARSpouses Together and Ready (Program)
STARSeneca Teens Accepting Responsibility
STARSheriff's Training and Rehabilitative
STARSpecialized Training in Aeronautics Research
STARSpecial Target Area Reporter (Nielsen)
STARScheduled Theater Airlift Route (US DoD)
STARService Ticket Action Resolution System
STARScottish Technology and Research Center (Scotland)
STARSpecial Target Area Registration (teams)
STARStart Today Achieving Results
STARSecure Trusted Automated Router
STARStandard Airport Arrival
STARSecurity Threat Analysis and Research
STARSoftware for Tracking, Analysis and Research
STARSouthern California Terminal Airspace Realignment
STARSpec Transports Aériens Roissy (French transportation company)
STARStop, Think, Assess and Respond (anti-drug abuse program)
STARStandard Tiered Auto Rating (insurance)
STARSystem Testbed for Avionics Research
STARStall Avoidance And Recovery
STARS-band Tactical Automated Receiver
STARSupersonic Tactical Antiradiation
STARSystem for Tape Administration & Reporting
STARSimulated Telecommunications Analysis Reporting
STARStandard Tensioned Alongside Receiver
STARStrategic Technology for the Army
STARServices to Add Revenue
STARSTAMIS Acquisition Repository (US Army)
STARScheduled Tactical Air Resupply
STARStyle Tips for All Reports
STARSteel Area Regeneration
STARSatellite Transponder Availability and Reservation
STARStandard Automated Requisitions System
STARSupport Time and Recovery (UK)
STARStudent Achievement in Reading (US Department of Education)
STARSuperior Technology Award Recipient
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On the other hand, if photographs of the stars were taken in all points throughout space, and in all such photographs a certain star, say Sirius, were picked out whenever it appeared, all the different appearances of Sirius, taken together, would represent Sirius.
If the observer had then specially directed his attention to one of the more humble and less brilliant of these stellar bodies, a star of the fourth class, that which is arrogantly called the Sun, all the phenomena to which the formation of the Universe is to be ascribed would have been successively fulfilled before his eyes.
Oh, yes," said the small star gazer, "I know as much as any of them about the style of sleeves they're going to wear next fall in Mars.
The God veileth his beauty: thus hidest thou thy stars.
Under that dense tangle of branches one would be out of sight of the stars.
But a moment's observation of her figure as she stands in the window without any support, looking out at the stars --not up-gloomily out at those stars which are low in the heavens, reassures him.
By the way," said the man with the star, looking steadily at the Sorcerer, "you told us yesterday that there would not be a second Rain of Stones.
whose stars are these: -- `Lovely Teygata, and dark-faced Electra, and Alcyone, and bright Asterope, and Celaeno, and Maia, and Merope, whom glorious Atlas begot.
Levin listened to the monotonous drip from the lime trees in the garden, and looked at the triangle of stars he knew so well, and the Milky Way with its branches that ran through its midst.
It was a moonless night, but the light of the stars was sufficient to show the outline of the young woman's form, and the shape of her face gazing gravely, indeed almost sternly, into the sky.
It is a noble art, for nothing can be hidden from you, when once you understand the stars.
My lords who have dropped from the Stars should know," he answered with a quick look.