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STARCOMStrategic Army Communications System
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meNa partNerS Starcom, Zenith, Spark Foundry, Performics, Blue 449.
This is an industry first and Coca Cola, in partnership with Starcom Mediavest Pakistan.
Starcom is a shareholder of NMEX and a principal owner of Bacalar, a company incorporated under the state laws of, the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Synacor (NASDAQ: SYNC) has appointed Starcom Global Brand President Lisa Donohue to its board of directors, the company said.
Now, Starcom will have to provide and install a hybrid GPS satellite-GSM based vehicle fleet tracking system, which will be a hybrid (a combination of GSM and GPS satellite-based communications systems) land mobile vehicle fleet tracking system featuring a central management console (or consoles) and is able to track up to a minimum of approximately 250 client units.
SMG's partnership with Propel Manila and Rich Media Manila is the first in a series of alliances we are undertaking to bring transformative change to the brands we work with at the speed of conversations, said Leah Besa Jimenez, CEO Starcom Mediavest Group Philippines.
I couldn't be more proud of the work SMG is producing for its clients around the globe," said Laura Desmond, global CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group.
experiment to essential," Laura Desmond, chief executive of Starcom said
These findings identify opportunities for marketers to engage at pivotal times in the purchase funnel," says Laura Desmond, Global CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group.
Licenses, including a driver's license, which is mandatory for Starcom field positions.
As one of Starcom MediaVest Group's advertising front-runners, the 28-year industry veteran is second to none when it comes to driving the bottom line and solidifying SMG as one of the world's largest media planning and buying agencies.
SABMiller has hired Bob Brennan, one of the founders of Starcom MediaVest Group and former president of Leo Burnett Worldwide, as its new director for marketing services for the Miller Brewing Co.