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STARLabSpace Telecommunications and Radioscience Laboratory
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Design-led with the spirit and agility of a start-up, Starlab brings together a cross-section of the company's digital, design and luxury brand teams in one urban office for the first time.
Starlab also houses a Tech Lab to experiment and test the Starwood's latest digital innovations, such as SPG Keyless , which allows guests to bypass traditional check-in processes and use their smartphones to enter their rooms.
An effective tool for antenna measurement where space is limited, cost is critical and the flexibility of a portable system is required, the StarLab has provided years of service to the Telecom, Aerospace & Defense, and Automobile industries, as well as to research institutions.
MVG added that its flagship solution for antenna measurement applications is StarLab, while the MG-Lab is an innovative new compact testing system dedicated to the new WiGig protocol, a new wireless technology that is being sold before its commercial roll-out in the first quarter of 2013.
CUTLINE: Boston Museum of Science interpreter Christina Moscat explains what to expect in the Starlab show she is about to present.
fingerprinting and forensics, to spending time inside the StarLab ( an interactive, inflatable planetarium.
With a laptop interface powered by STARLAB Starry Night Dome software from Imaginova, users can also choose from a set of pre-scripted lessons designed to meet national science standards or design their own presentations.
BELGIAN firm Starlab has developed a "smart" tracksuit which uses sensors in the fabric to monitor heart rate, body temperature and sweat.
Other indoor activities include StarLab Planetarium shows, vendors and slide shows featuring astronomical topics.
In the south, half term sees the National Museum and Gallery in Cardiff making stars and planet mobiles as well as exploring the night sky in their Starlab.