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STASIStaatssicherheitsdienst (State Security, former East Germany)
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By June 1990 the East German Parliament created a special commission to oversee the Stasi records, headed by dissident Rostock pastor and Volkskammer member, Joachim Gauck, whose commission was thereafter known as the Gauck Authority.
We see some very ordinary-looking people quietly inserting letters into the box--and then we observe the epistles being confiscated by a Stasi agent.
According to a document from the archives of the former secret police, the Stasi reported on June 18, 1988 that it monitored the King of Pop as he visited the Allied Checkpoint Charlie in the centre of divided Berlin.
Another major challenge for the Stasi was Western technology-control regimes.
A report commissioned by ARD and drawing on the Stasi archives in Berlin concluded Stasi knew a lot but was unable to influence programming or exec appointments.
This operation ceased in 1982, though another section of the Stasi was already following his activities in West Berlin.
And how should we judge the Stasi officer who seeks even a smidgeon of justice in such a setting?
In this, the struggle for freedom in general, and the role of the state in suppressing it, can only be suggested by analogy: representations of the 'true dimension' of the role of the Stasi in the lives of others are muted and deflected into a story about love of one kind and another.
El paralelismo, lineas que no se tocan, y la experiencia vicaria del espia con el dramaturgo que construye el director por medio de edicion y drama, logra que el actor Ulrich Muhe, quien en la vida real descubrio que su propia esposa trabajaba para la Stasi y lo espiaba, se convierta en una metafora viviente de la representacion en sentido teatral shakespeariano, una especie de Prospero.
The President of the Council of Europe's Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, Giovanni Di Stasi, welcomed Mr Juncker's statements and the fact that the Prime Minister of Luxembourg is giving his support to the organisation's recent initiatives (such as the development of the Adriatic and Black Sea Euroregions' and the creation of the Council of Europe's Centre for Inter-Regional and Cross-Border Cooperation).
Paul Stasi, the Salvation Army Social Service Center's social services director for northeast Florida, says charitable organizations like the Salvation Army and others don't accept in-kind donations mainly due to logistical reasons.
RICK STASI has been named chief operating officer for Frank Gates Alternative Risk, the firm has announced.