STATECService Central de La Statistique et des Études Économiques (Luxembourg)
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5 (Fagan and Morgan, 2005), while a STATEC simulation model suggests a slightly stronger effect (STATEC, 2007).
STATEC (2007), "Cahier de variantes Modux", Cahier Economique, No.
STATEC (2009a), "La situation economique au Luxembourg : evolution recente et perspectives", Note de conjoncture, No.
STATEC now publishes a quarterly indicator based on detailed transaction data covering apartment prices collected by the land registry (Aclministration de l'enregistrement et des clomaines).
According to STATEC (2006), these tax measures consist of the following: the social contribution on diesel fuel is raised by 0.
STATEC deflates such value added by share or bond-market prices, as appropriate, adjusted for new share issues and share buybacks, and for increases in the Luxembourg CPL This means that increases in commissions resulting from rising share values are classified as price increases, not volume increases.
420 (last column, Total des ddpenses) of the national accounts, as published in STATEC, 2002a, p.
To assess the time a representative resident spends at levels ISCED 4 and 5, institutional details from OECD (1999) and data from STATEC (2002a, Chapter S) are used.
0 Source: Inspection generale de la securite sociale (IGSS) calculations by STATEC.
For a more detailed account of economic developments in 1999, see STATEC (2000a).
As a matter of fact, taking into account the most recent data, STATEC is expecting a growth rate of 5-5 1/2 per cent in 2001.
The figures mentioned here are partly based on an analysis by STATEC (2000b).