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STATICStudents Taking Actions Together in Christ (Eaton, OH)
STATICStatistical Texturing Applied to Battlefield Induced Contaminants
STATICSilicon Technology for Automotive and Telecommunications Integrated Circuits
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The Dennis Maes Pueblo Judicial Building, a newly constructed, five-story county courthouse in southern Colorado, initially experienced problems with static pressure control during cold weather; significant infiltration was observed in the lower levels of the building, resulting in cold and freezing conditions within ceiling plenums throughout the lower levels.
Brian Farno, application engineer manager at Exair Corporation, says static electricity occurs most often on the surface of non-conductive materials, but can also occur on ungrounded conductive surfaces.
While a pitot tube can become blocked by liquid or frozen water, airframe ice, foreign material and, especially, insects, the static ports aren't placed directly into the slipstream and usually don't pick up ice.
However, despite this knowledge of static in everyday life, its effect within industries such as plastics and converting has only become visible in recent years.
The guide may also be used as a basis to formulate a static electricity training program for operators and supervisory personnel responsible for manufacturing operations in coatings facilities.
Also showing Virtual AC Intelligent Static Neutralizers for long-range neutralization.
If we look more closely at static and active stretching, it will be possible to better understand why this is so.
After the [pi]/2 rotation, the neutron spin is placed in the plane vertical to the static field.
An antistastic bag will not generate static, but does not protect from static.
X-Static QD dispenses approximately 50% faster than X-Static, which means more static control, fragrance, and softening per load.
To help fill this void, we conducted a study to assess the static visual vertical in patients with acute unilateral peripheral vestibular failure during the course of their disease.
Currently, portals struggle to integrate anything more than static content at the presentation level.