STATSCANStatistics Canada (government)
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The Canadian Press, "Long-form census cancellation taking toll on StatsCan data," CBC News, October 27, 2012.
Moreover, the NHS estimates are derived from a voluntary survey and are therefore subject to potentially higher non-response error than those derived from the 2006 Census long form," says StatsCan.
But the demographics in Canada are set to change dramatically by the next census in 2016, when Statscan projects the country will have more seniors than children for the first time in its history.
Full-body imaging facilitates a complete skeletal survey from one orientation in one image, regardless of subject size, as the imaging field of view on the Lodox Statscan is adjustable from 100 mm x 100 mm to 1800 x 680 mm.
None of 12 primary dealers in Canada predicted a rate cut, according to a Reuters poll on Friday after the Statscan release, but they did push back their expectations for the timing of the next rate hike.
In 2003, StatsCan used the International Adult Literacy Skills Survey to determine literacy rates in the Aboriginal population.
According to a recent StatsCan report, eighty-eight percent of households say that they are using energy-efficient lighting, the use of low-flow shower heads has more than doubled during the past two decades, and more households report having low-volume toilets.
In the public sector, where employment equity law applies, a StatsCan study found the wage gap for men was only 3 per cent - about four times smaller than its findings for the private sector.
The list of casualties is a long one: the heads of StatsCan and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, the ROMP and military police complaints commissioners to name a few.
Publicly held drug chains showed better results than the official Statscan figures, but most feel that situation reflects continued market share growth by the larger companies and corresponding declines among independents.
See "Population, Rural and Urban, Census Dates, 1871 to 1976," series A67-69, Canada Census (1931), StatsCan, http://www.
StatsCan estimates for the 2008 crop show Manitoba with 23.