STAXIState-Trait Anger Expression Inventory
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Abbreviations: AX = Anger Expression Index, CTS2 = Revised Conflict Tactics Scale, DOD = Department of Defense, PTSD = posttraumatic stress disorder, STAXI = StateTrait Anger Expression Inventory, TBI = traumatic brain injury, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
The STAXI II was developed with two goals in mind (Spielberger, 1999).
En la segunda se valoro la presencia de sintomatologia psicopatologica con el SCL-90-R y el STAXI.
s sample (1996), which included males and older subjects; STAXI scores were not significantly different from those for the normative groups reported by Spielberger (1988).
1970) and STAXI (Spielberger, 1988) in a randomly counterbalanced order.
Three distinct yet conceptually related measures constituted this study's dependent measures of anger (STAXI State-Anger, STAXI Trait-Anger, and STAXI Anger-Control).
The STAXI test was readministered during the finally session, and pre- and post-program STAXI scores failed to show any demographic variable that was a significant predictor on any of the scales, he commented.
Following 14 weeks of participation in the martial arts training program or control condition, the participants returned for the post-testing session in which each volunt eer completed the PSES, STAXI, and the assessments of pain threshold and pain ratings using the same protocol described for the initial session.
51) reported a score of 22 or above on the STAXI, indicating dysfunctional anger.
MDT had a large effect size in all areas of the CBCL and STAXI.
The STAXI (Spielberger, 1988) is used to assess the experience and expression of anger.
5 Cohen's % of non STAXI Standard d r overlap Anger con in Large 1.