STDMASelf-Organizing Time Division Multiple Access
STDMASelective Time Division Multiple Access (networks)
STDMASpace-Time Division Multiple Access
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According to [11], it is difficult to predict the performance of STDMA scheduling when a physical interference model is applied.
With the wide, ever-increasing availability of GPS, navigation technology and digital maps, GPS's ability to provide both accurate geo-location and timing information, STDMA provides the means to fill every street, road, and highway with virtual TDMA cells that can facilitate (via time slot sharing and spatial reuse) scalable, error-free, and bandwidth-efficient Inter-Vehicle Communications (IVC), for the purpose of transmitting anything from collision avoidance warnings and traffic alerts, to location-based e-commerce messages.
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Vipersat's networks utilize a variety of techniques, including SCPC, DAMA, STDMA, high-speed bandwidth switching, and channel sharing which optimize space segment usage and result in cost-efficient solutions.