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STEPPSolar Thermal Electric Power Plant
STEPPState Tobacco Education Prevention Partnership (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)
STEPPStaff/Team Evaluation of Prevention Programs (US DHHS)
STEPPStudent Tuition Easy Payment Plan (Clark College; Vancouver, WA)
STEPPSubpopulation Treatment Effect Pattern Plot (oncology)
STEPPStatewide Tobacco Education and Prevention Program (various states)
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Stepps were straight back to their attacking game minutes before the end of the match, seeing their fourth goal from a strike into the back corner of the goal.
Unfortunately Stepps were the stronger team on this day.
STEPPS has several advantages over other programs for BPD in correctional settings.
Therapists involved in delivering STEPPS participate in a one- to two-day workshop.
STEPPS also integrates the patient's ongoing social and professional support system, thereby avoiding the perception of abandonment common among patients with BPD.