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STEREOStrut Thickness Effect on Restenosis Outcome (cardiology)
STEREOSolar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (NASA)
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Stereo Generator — main 2D+Depth-to-stereo conversion module
In the past years, stereo vision has become more and more important in mobile robotic applications.
One of the STEREO craft will initially lead Earth in orbit around the sun, while the other will trail behind.
This was the third stereo Peter Vandenberg has had stolen at an Antelope Valley High School in the past year.
In the form of a small box that resides near the user's computer, stereo-link 1200 receives pure digital audio signals via the USB port, which it then converts into analog format and sends to the stereo system or headphone amplifier.
Congressman from Puerto Rico, and seated Stereo Vision Board member, has been elected Vice-Chairman.
Nasdaq: TDDD) announced today that it will offer the Oxygen(R) VX1-Stereo, a bundle of its award-winning Oxygen VX1 professional graphics accelerator with the low-cost CrystalEyes(R) Wired stereo display solution from StereoGraphics(R) Corporation, to its worldwide distribution channel.
Stereo views can reveal whether a change in brightness and color indicates a change in elevation or a true variation in the mineral composition of a surface.
Also slated for Dolby Stereo Digital release for the holidays from Warner Bros.
Fox looked closely at the available digital film sound formats and determined that Dolby Stereo Digital was the way to go," explained Fox Senior Vice President Andrew G.
commitments for such fall releases as "Little Giants" and "Love Affair," all of which are expected to be available as single-inventory Dolby Stereo Digital prints.
Once selected, the songs are streamed in crisp, clear digital stereo sound wirelessly at an audio bitrate of 1.