STFDStore Floating-Point Double (assembler Instruction)
STFDSekolah Tinggi Filsafat Driyarkara (Indonesian: Driyarkara School of Philosophy; Indonesia)
STFDSingle Transistor Flyback Driver
STFDSit The Flip Down (polite form)
STFDSit the Fudge Down (polite form)
STFDShut the Front Door (band)
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Then, substituting (1) into (3) and taking the expectation, we obtain the STFD matrix [9]
For the purpose of simplifying the STFD matrix (4) and applying the subspace methods to find DOA, the window length L can be restricted by [7]
The STFD matrix and the source TFDs matrix in (6) are similar to the spatial covariance matrix and the source covariance matrix.
The shares of the Company are quoted on the Canadian Dealing Network under the trading symbol - STFD.