STFSSouth Thames Foundation School (UK)
STFSStorm Tide Forecasting Service (UK Met Office)
STFSStandard Time and Frequency Signal
STFSSpace Telescope Flight Software
STFSSFS/Thor File System
STFSSociété du Train à Fil de Schifflange (French)
STFSSecure Transacted File System (Microsoft)
STFSShort-Term Frequency Stability
STFSShort Term Firm Service
STFSSeattle Tree Fruit Society
STFSSly and the Family Stone (band)
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According to the group, STFS implementation follows CHED's Roadmap for Public Higher Education Reform, the Aquino administration's blueprint for higher education which states that "socialised tuition fee schemes" should be implemented in all of the country's 110 State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) by 2016.
Therefore, the NEB approved the applied-for BC System tolls on an interim basis, effective January 1, 2006, pending the final resolution of the STFS concern.