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STFUShut the Freak Up (polite form)
STFUStar Trek Federation University
STFUScrawny Two-Faced Underling
STFUSir, That's Freakin Ugly (polite form)
STFUSamurai Training Finished Unsuccessfully
STFUShow Them Fury Unleashed
STFUSave the Flying Unicorns
STFUSouthern Tenant Farmers' Union
STFUShort-Term Follow-Up (pharmaceutical study)
STFUSay, Thanks for Understanding
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STFU activists--including Williams and Whitfield --and members met violence, illegality, and infringement of civil liberties.
The dramatic and convoluted story of the involvement of Whitfield and Williams and their fractious associates in this turmoil is related in detail; Gellman and Roll give us an insider's account of these developments with Williams and Whitfield taking on organizing and executive roles in the STFU and the United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing and Allied Workers of America.
46] Johnson had maintained friendly relations with STFU leader H.
He joined three representatives of the STFU in urging the federal government to allocate more money to its rural rehabilitation programs, so that assistance could be given to the thousands of farm families who needed it.
Aug 1954], reel 39, Southern Tenant Farmers' Union Papers (Sanford, 1971), microfilm (hereafter cited as STFU Papers).
An analysis of the changes taking place in Poinsett County in the postwar period is particularly interesting given the activities of the STFU during the 1930s.
As early as October 1942, the STFU complained about the proposal to use POWs and argued that many former tenants and sharecroppers displaced in the late 1930s could supply the labor needs of plantation owners.
The STFU has remained something of a puzzle for historians.
Many readers looking for a history of the STFU will have to hack their way through the dense social history that takes up the first half of Whayne's narrative.
Moreover, the delta's plantation workers "did not labor in gangs for large centralized operations," (8) as most historians of the STFU have implied.
Several historians have studied the STFU as an example of southern radicalism.
The STFU was hardly the first attempt to organize black agricultural workers in central east Arkansas.