STGCSt. George's College (Kingston, Jamaica)
STGCStewart Title Guaranty Company (Houston, TX)
STGCStartec Global Communications Corporation
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The event is staged in honour of former STGC member Slater, who died of leukemia in 2008 and was the first person to win national, world and European honours while at the club.
0 million in 2007, primarily due to the mid-year acquisitions of the STGC properties in 2007, the Smith properties in 2008, increased expense workovers in 2008 and general increases in the costs of goods and services in the industry.
The dramatic increase in production for the quarter was attributable to the STGC Acquisition and to production increases from our 2007 and 2008 drilling programs.
The dramatic increase in production for the quarter and year is attributable to the STGC Acquisition.
6 million; both increases primarily due to the addition of the STGC Properties.
5 million primarily due to the effect of the acquisition of the STGC Properties.
Matthew Morris, STGC senior vice president and director of planning and development, will provide guidance to the Diversity Council and the MultiCultural Markets Council.
The increase in total expense over the prior year was primarily due to higher infrastructure costs associated with the expansion of our technical and support teams after the STGC Acquisition and a $2.
The increase in revenues was attributable primarily to new production from the STGC and Smith Production acquisitions, and to a lesser extent, higher oil and gas price realizations.
6 million that SNFGC and STGC wired to Klewin for payment of work done by its subcontractors and professionals was never paid by Klewin to the appropriate parties.
Prior to his new role with STGC, Harley's was vice president and regional counsel, and he has been a part of STGC since August 1996.
These notes are currently guaranteed by SNFGC, STGC and Seneca Erie Gaming Corporation (SEGC).