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STGMSic Transit Gloria Mundi (Latin: Thus Passes the Glory of the World)
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The metamorphic rocks (also known as the Metamorphic Sole Rocks) are distributed around the Muslim Bagh ophiolite; in the northwestern part of JTGM west of STGM east of Nisai town and in the mACopyrightlange unit near the Bagh village (Fig.
While the sole rocks on the western side of the STGM trend north to south and dip steeply towards the east.
The base of both the JTGM and STGM of Muslim Bagh ophiolite is marked by mylonitic peridotite.
2) forming high mountain peaks while in STGM it is not well exposed.
JTGM and STGM are typical of those found beneath other ophiolites such as Semail Oman (e.
The JTGM is comprised of only foliated peridotites, while the STGM shows a well-developed foliated peridotite stratigraphically overlain by the dunite rich transition zone (Fig.
The Basal peridotite mylonites are exposed in the north- western part of the STGM (Fig.
The foliated peridotite in the STGM comprises harzburgite, depleted harzburgite and dunite which are commonly serpentinized.
In Muslim Bagh ophiolite this zone is exposed only in STGM and is characterized as dunite sequence which is readily recognized in the field by the absence of foliation, with intercalation of minor harzburgite in the lower part and of wehrlite/pyroxenite in the upper part.
The lherzolite forms thin layers and is found in immediate contact with metamorphic sole rocks in both the STGM and JTGM (Fig.
Depleted harzburgite (with low modal orthopyroxene) is found further up section in STGM, just before the