STIDStar Trek into Darkness (science fiction)
STIDSwansea Til I Die
STIDSociete des Telecommunications Internationales de Djibouti
STIDSilo-Type Identifier (IEEE)
STIDSteam Injected Diesel Engine (EU project)
STIDSmoke Till I'm Dead
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In total, we analyzed 180 rated STID sheets using EFA (the maximum likelihood method, promax rotation).
In Figure 1 the results of the higher order factor analysis of the STID are depicted.
Consequently, the STID can be used in future studies to investigate relationships between an individual's personality traits and the total impression of his or her drawings.
When the STID is the assessment scale used, the person performing the evaluation can assess the total impression of reality and themes, and the STID can be applied in several settings.
All factors in the STID had a significant path to each lower order item.
In conclusion, we believe that the STID will be a useful measurement for fundamental studies in projective drawing methods.